History of Clan MacLachlan

The MacLachlan clan is among Scotland's oldest. It is believed to have its roots in the O'Neills, High Kings of Ireland. "MacLachlan" means "son of Lachlan", and "Lachlan" means (literally) "land of lochs".

There are records of a Gilchrist MacLachlan witnessing a land charter in 1230. And in 1292 Gilleskel MacLachlan received a charter for his land in Argyll. There was a MacLachlan serving in Robert the Bruce's first parliament in Saint Andrews. And the MacLachlans were loyal supporters to the Stewarts. In the 1745 uprising with Prince Charles Edward Stewart, the Chief of the Clan served the Prince and was lost at Culloden. The castle was destroyed by the British in 1746.

The Castle Lachlan standing today was built in 1790. It is the home of the 25th Chief, Euan John Maclachlan of Maclachlan. It is located in Strathlachlan, near Strachur, on the banks of Loch Fyne in Argyll.



The correct spelling of those derived from the Scottish clan is MacLachlan. All original Scottish spellings begin with "Mac". There are many variant spellings, and several septs of the MacLachlan Clan, such as: Cogann, Eogan, Eogann, Eoghan, Eoghann, Eugene, Eunson, Eunsone, Evan, Evanson, Evinson, Ewain, Ewan, Ewen, Ewenson, Ewin, Ewinesone, Ewing, Ewinn, Ewinson, Ewinsoun, Ewisone, Ewnesoune, Ewynson, Ewynsone, Ewynsoun, Gilchrist, Gilcrist, Gilcriste, Gilcristes, Gilcryst, Gillchrist, Gillechrist, Gillecrist, Gillecryst, Keown, Killecrist, Lachaidh, Lachann, Lachie, Lachillan, Lachlainn, Lachlan, Lachlane, Lachlann, Lachlanson, Lachlin, Lachy, Lauchlan, Lauchland, Lauchlanesone, Lauchlein, Laughlan, Laughland, Laughlin, Lochlain, Lochlan, Lochlane, Lochlann, Loghlan, Lohlan, Louchelan, MacClachlane, MacClachlene, MacClaichlane, MacClauchlan, MacClauchlane, MacClauchlin, MacCoun, MacCuinn, MacCune, MacCunn, MacCwne, MacGilchrist, MacGilcreist, MacGilcrist, MacGlauchlin, MacGlauflin, MacHlachlan, MacIlchreist, MacIlcrist, MacKlawchlane, MacKlawklane, MacKlechreist, MacLachan, MacLachie, MacLachlainn, MacLachlan, MacLachlane, MacLachlin, MacLackie, MacLaghlan, MacLauchan, MacLauchlan, MacLauchlane, MacLauchleine, MacLauchlen, MacLauchlin, MacLaughlan, MacLaughland, MacLaughlane, MacLaughlin, MacLawchtlane, MacLlauchland, MacLochlainn, MacLochlin, MacLoghlin, MacLouchlan, MacLoughlin, MacQuckian, MacQuikan, MacUne, MacYllecrist, Makclachlane, Makclauchlane, Maklawchlane, Vclauchlane, Vclauchlayne



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